Fabrication Syndicate in Las Vegas, NV

Who We Are

Fabrication Syndicate is a team of individuals who have come together to create a company that can get any job done at any scale from start to finish.
We use the most advanced design and cad software to help create every stage of our projects. As well as up to date equipment to build what we have created.
To finish things off powder coating in a spectrum of colors is available to give things the final touch.

For all of us out there who like to have a little fun, we offer a complete automotive side. Whether lifting sky high or slamming down low is your thing we can handle both.
If you really like to play hard we can even build you a performance engine and put it in your street pounder, daily driver or offroad toy.

So no matter what the project is from big to small, dog cage, fish tank stand, custom furniture, metal decor, or a full custom vehicle build
turn to Fabrication Syndicate for all your metal fabrication needs.

The Shop

The shop features all the newest equipment and design software to be able to handle any of your metal fabrication needs.  Technology has come a long way in the fabrication world and keeping up is a must. All our design is done using multiple different computer software that is specific to tubing, sheet metal, 2D and 3D design.   

We use a Millermatic 252 MIG welder for all of our steel welding. For aluminum and stainless welding we have a Miller syncrowave 210 TIG welder to take care of all the fine details.   

An Arclight Dynamics 4’x8’ CNC plasma table does all of the cutting in the shop to make sure everything is precise. The table also has a tubing attachment for perfect copes and degree cuts on round tube. CNC engraving is also an available feature on our table.

Bending tubing manual is also a thing of the past.  The shop has a hydraulic bender with a degree wheel to make sure all the bends are exact.  We are able to bend many different diameters and thicknesses of tubing in a wide array of degrees. That matched up with our tube bending software creates an unbeatable bend.

Unlike most metal fabrication shops we have a 2 post 10,000lb. Vehicle lift. When working on vehicles being able to work comfortable always creates better work quality. So having the vehicle at a level that makes sense really is the best way. No crawling around on the ground trying to get measurements or weld things up. Makes putting an off-road lift on a truck a breeze as well.

Even though it may seem like its work, work, and work around here we still do know how to have a good time. There is always good music playing and a great vibe in the shop. You will often find us BBQing for lunch or even after work for dinner and just enjoying ourselves. Also keep an eye out for our regular events so you can make it down for the festivities.

So come on down to The Fabrication Syndicate for anything you need done or just to come say hi and check out the shop.

Meet The Team

Scott Carter, owner of Fabrication Syndicate

Scott Carter


This all started for me when I was around 17 years old growing up in southern California.

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