Scott Carter, owner of Fabrication Syndicate

This all started for me when I was around 17 years old growing up in southern California. We lived fairly close to the Pismo sand dunes so naturally, that’s where we would go to have fun. That meant building up our trucks and sand toys to be able to handle how hard we wanted to play. We would break them and rebuild them until we got them so they wouldn’t break. From there my life brought me to Salt Lake City. What a culture shock. No sand dunes but I got to learn a lot about 4×4 and rock crawlers. From there I ended up in Vegas and got really comfortable with the desert and the types of toys we have out here. So I have been doing some sort of fabrication for over 15 years, whether it was actually building things or just designing them this type of work has been in my life what seems like forever. Over the years I have helped friends with their own businesses and worked for people who had the business already rolling. Now it’s my turn to get my own business going. Throughout my travels of life, I have been to school to get my MIG and TIG welding certifications and taken a hand full of design courses and industrial classes to give me the knowledge in the industry that I have today.